Who are we?

We are a team of IT experts who not only do a professional job but love what we do.

We are interested in unusual projects that need bold decisions.

Let your imagination run wild, and we’ll fulfill all your dreams!

The Internet is a virtual world.
The world, where Nothing Is Impossible.

What do we do?

We undertake a range of diverse IT projects all over the world.

We offer all kinds of Internet services: from marketing and market research, to the creation and promotion of web sites.

Our extensive experience and tailoring our work to the specific requirements of our clients help us achieve the best results.


Barcelona, Spain +34 (66) 114-11-39
c/Viladomat, 73

London, England +44 (020) 3286 4531
1 Northumberland Avenue, Trafalgar Square

Moscow, Russia +7 (926) 969-42-60
Rublevskoe Shosse 42

Last projects

Bridgem Innovation System | International Gems Online Workspace
January 2010


Bridgem is an international information business-to-business service connecting sellers and buyers of jewel-cutting group gemstones (diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies) all over the world.


Client JSC "Bridgem". Creation and management of projects all over the world.

Portal de Angola
January 2010

Angola Portal

The first social network site for citizens of Angola. It offers a virtual meeting place for all Angolans no matter where they live.


Client The private investor

Lions club
January 2010

Lions Club

The private VIP-club.


Client The private investor

Adrenaline auto works
November 2009

Adrenaline auto works

Specialize in high performance for vehicle. Use only the best quality parts and the best proven methods to ensure strong, dependable work.


Client AdrenalineAutoWorks.

October 2009


Website for the Russian energy company involved in the commercialization of gas, oil and liquefied petroleum gas.


Client Ltd "Dokoil". Petroleum company.

Online game Hato
June 2009

Hato On Line

An on-line version of the Korean national card game of Hato. Includes virtual on-line tournaments and interaction between players. This is the only project in the world of its type which is under constant development.


Client Alexander Li.

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